Well, you've got it!

Imagine cooking samp and beans in 35 minutes or a stew for the whole family in 20 minutes, from scratch. 

Wouldn’t that be great?

Why Panelux Pressure Cookers?

Panelux cookers are the best-selling kitchen-changing sensation in cookware from Brazil that is changing the way South Africans cook.

Panelux cookers are the faster, safer, healthier and most energy efficient way to cook. Using the power of pressure to make great meals and save you money in a flash.

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Get yours now!

Eco Friendly!

Depending on foodstuff being cooked and stove quality, Panelux pressure cookers can reduce cooking times by up to 6 times.

Small stoves can reduce cooking times by 80%, saving time and electricity/gas consumption. Can you imagine saving 80% on your stove electricity bill?

Pressure cooking reduces evaporation while allowing temperatures well in excess of 100 Celsius, thereby reducing water usage reduces or removes the need for cooking oil and saving further costs.

Choose Panelux Pressure Cookers!

- It's the quickest way to cook

- It SAVES gas & electricity 

- It saves WATER

- It saves on cooking oil

- It preserves nutrient and mineral content of food by preventing leaching of minerals

- It turns you into a chef in minutes

- It's SAFE because of its internal lid

- It makes great meals

- It makes your family happy